completed projects



jaffa drive warehouse

We continued to manage the property management and leasing after the sale and participated in a joint sale of our neighboring sister property 2020. We currently provide leasing services for this property.

31,570 SF Flex Warehouse 

Purchased 2016 Bank Owned distressed

Sold 2017

Occupancy at Acquisition 35% 

Occupancy at Sale 100%

Investor Return 116%

jaffa drive Expansion

Located next to the original Jaffa Drive this corner lot was primed for development. Exchange Place purchased the land, designed, planned and built the development in 10 months. As a boutique developer we zoned in on the lack of transitional store front for the warehouses in the area and the lack of ease for large vehicles to enter. We sold this property in a joint sale with the first Jaffa Drive warehouse and continue to manage the leasing for this property.

31,570 SF Flex Warehouse

Development 2.2 acres 

Purchased Land May 2017

Opened January 2018 

Sold June 2020 

Occupancy at Opening 55%

Occupancy at Sale 95%

Investor Return 165%



The entry cost to the land was above the market however in an upward area, Winter Garden, with the civil infrastructure existing (parking lot, retention and entitlements) as a developer the higher land cost was balanced with the existing benefits.

8,184 SF Office


Purchased February 2019 

Broke Ground March 2019 

Opened August 2019 

Occupancy at Opening 100% 

Investor Equity 40%


The investor return looks out of this world, however, this was a 9-years of development. Challenged with a lot split, wetland mitigation increasing the west portion of the property from 3 acres to 5 acres, right away take land widening, relocation of energy infrastructure and design-build services for StarChild Academy. Retaining the existing eastern building allowed the developer to retain lease income from the project for 9 years.

25,000 SF Warehouse/Retail/School 

Purchased Land (with existing warehouse/retail building) 2003

Leased back the building to the original owner for 3 years 

Lot Split the Land 2005 

Sold the western section of the land and developed the school in 2007 

10,000 SF School

Sold the remaining land and building 2012 to StarChild 

The investor return was unprecedented.


The bowling alley

Exchange Place is ready and willing to redevelop this property in concert with the City of Winter Garden’s massive redevelopment of Dillard Street. The City’s proposed plan will bring beauty, street parking, and cohesion to the area.

18,000 SF C2 Recreational 

Future Redevelopment

Purchased 2018 

Bank Owned Purchase

Tenant in place at time of purchase and currently

td bank building

Purchased from an insurance company with the anchor tenant, TD Bank, at the time of purchase had not renewed. After the closing TD Bank renewed 5 years and since then has renewed again. The building’s interior was updated at purchase. Exchange Place offices in this building, handles the property management and leasing. Investor gains have doubled, all of the investors initial investment was returned and within 2 years of acquisition and distribution of 50% was achieved.


28,800 SF Office

Purchased 2014 

Occupancy at Purchase 50%

Current Occupancy 100%

Investor Return 200%

the district

Located in a booming area, Winter Garden, this run down daycare was primed for redevelopment. The building was taken down to its shell and redeveloped into professional office space, leased long term, for StateFarm Insurance and a retail location for Betty J’s Florist.

3,300 SF Office/Retail


Purchased April 2020

Opened October 2020

Occupancy at Opening 100%

Investor Equity 26% 


Trailside was a bank distressed property the opportunity came about suddenly and hard money was needed to close in 30 days. The property was refinanced 1 year later repaying all the investor’s capital at that time. Exchange Place has retained property management and leasing.

38,611SF Office/Retail

Purchased 2012

Occupancy at Purchase 20%

Occupancy at Sale 100%

Investor Return 210%